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Wolves of Willoughby Chase

The Wolves of  Willoughby Chase is a movie based on the book by Joan Aiken. It's fairly popular, as children's booksx go.

The story follows two young girls and their experiences when one of the girls parents go away and they are forced into the care of a couple of plotting evil-doers who want to take over the household. They soon discover that the pair have arranged for the parents to be killed at sea, and have changed the will to exclude the children, giving everything instead over to themselves.

The pair fire all the servants, save the butler and maid- get rid of all the children's toys- and are generally cruel to the two children. Meanwhile, the wolves figure constantly. Outside the house, wolves prowl the nearby forest, always coming just a little too close to eating one or both of the girls.

xEventually, the girls are sent away to an orphanage, where a boy who lives in the woods with the animals comes to save them, just in time for their parents to miraculously be saved at sea, return home and right the wrongs that have been done.

Surprisingly enough, Richard is not one of the nasty people. Normally, we expect to see him in the role of the bad guy, but here it seems that he is one of the few characters that have any sympathy whatsoever for the children, surpassing the amount of kindness even the parents give them.

He plays James, the family's butler. What is it that makes him either a bad guy or a butler?

At any rate, he is probably the one thing that the children can rely on during the film.

Like in Revolution, Richard once again sports a wig- although this time we have the added bonus of some rather monstrous looking eyebrows.

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