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VH1 Hollywood and Vinyl

Sal Piro has joked that Rocky is now too tame for MTV, so VH1 does the honors. Personally, I could care less who does, as long as I get my RHPS tv fix every once in a xwhile. (except for the film on Comedy Central. That's an exception)

In 1997, VH1 aired a special Hollywood and Vinyl that focused on Rocky Horror. Aired, as always, over Halloween, there was little information to be found that wasn't known already. The best thing about the show (as if this should surprise . . . was Richard, fresh off of filming Ever After looking incredibly xstylish in a black sleeveless shirt and goatee.

He discussed the writing and evolution of Rocky Horror, over acoustic versions of some of the songs. One of the biggest let downs was the fact that they played him talking over the sound of the songs, which made them hard to really enjoy. If there is one complaint I really had about the VH1 content they put on as extras for the RHPS DVD, it's that those songs, in their unedited forms, weren't included. Because they were great.x

From a musical perspective, it was fun to hear him sing what would normally be Columbia's verse. Of course, between the interviews and the credits continuing to roll over him singing, you couldn't really hear much.

Another thing to note about the special is the fact that you could easily see Richard's tattoo, which I've never been able to spot anywhere else. So if you're curious about that sort of thing, this is the place to look.

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