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VH1- Behind the Music

This was a pretty good special, though I would have liked to have seen less of Dori xHartley. And I think they may have honed in on Richard's comments about his sexuality a little too much, but knowing him it could well have been that xthat was all he pretty much talked about and gave them to work with, which is equally possible.

Nothing that will be too shocking here for anyone who knows a bit of the history of Rocky Horror, but there are a few fun little tidbits, such as footage of Richard playing The Time Warp (gee, what a surprising choice of song) in Oakley Court, and reprising his famous door scene with a "Hello" to open the show.

xRichard also made the same mistake as he made for xthe Shock Treatment trailer, hyping something about The Rocky Horror Picture Show as being for The Rocky Horror Show. Funnily enough, he's also made this mistake in converse, when he announced what the contest winners of MTV's 15th anniversary RHPS contest would recieve. He stated they would be flown to London to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh well.

xRichard's comments about the show (for those of you who have yet to see it and xwonder why the hell I'm talking about his sexuality) were basically that he created it to sort out his own confusion concerning his gender. He spoke candidly on the subject, told where the catch line "don't dream it, be it" came from, and discussed the early evolution of Rocky.

He also stated that what he really wanted was for people to see the show, and go home and have a wonderful evening of sex, and shout his name at the optimum moment. A real standing ovation.

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