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Robin of Sherwood

Richard appeared in three episodes of this popular British series, Herne's Son, Cromm Cruac and this one, The Time of the Wolf. He played the character of Gulnar, an evil wizard who was in the service of Owenxof Clun. He was to enchant the Maid Marion to fall in love with and marry Owen, and Robin vowed to save her from that fate.

xWell, the Robins changed from Robin of Loxley to Robert of Huntingdon, and Robert finally accepted the call to become Robin Hood, which had been bestowed upon him by Herne, the forest God. A big hokey guy with antlers for a hat.

In Time of the Wolf, Gulnar-thought to be dead-returns to wreak havoc on Robin and his men. He xstarts a cult that worships the god Fenris, a huge wolf from Norse mythology that was tied down tox the earth by the gods when his size became unmanageable.

They take over the abbey, killing all the monks that lived there in the process. Meanwhile, back in Robin's side of the wood, the Sheriff of Nottingham is being his usual despicable self and stealing the poor townspeoples grain to xgive to this bigwig sent from the King, who is off fighting in Wales. Gulnar casts a few runes and sees that if he lures Robin, he will come to him. So the followers of Fenris burn the grain that Robin and his men steal back from the Sheriff and kidnap most of the people in the village while they're at it.

All except for Matthew, who leads them to the abbey where the cult is hiding out. In an attempt to xcapture the castle, Robin and his men are instead captured, and Robin learns of Gulnar's full plan. He has made a clay version of Robin, which he brings to life with some nifty spells. And runes.

Wonder if passing them used lots of . . . oh never mind.

xWhere was I? Oh yeah. Gulnar unleashes the creature among the villages, and he begins to do considerable damage, and all the people of course think it is the REAL Robin Hood that is causing all the trouble. Gulnar attempts to lure xinformation about where Herne may be found, and Herne has Robin lead Gulnar and his creature to him "at the nine stone maidens".

As usual, Richard plays the bad guy and his plans are foiled.Following his creation out into the wilderness, he is turned upon and promptly strangled. An unsightly end.

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