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The Rocky Horror Video Show


1990 was a big year for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. After 15 long years, the movie was finally going to be released on xvideo. MTV did a host of specials (The Big Picture, etc) covering the convention that Fox threw, they threw contests, and ran the commercial for the film about oh, every ten seconds or so.

There was the thought, at the time, that video would kill RHPS. Some still argue it to this day. For me, I have to disagree. I was first brought into this whoel thing through the video- I didn't see it in a theater until five years later. And I'M still here. But then again, I've never been considered normal by too many people.

Video fears aside, one of the specials that was released in honor of the 15th anniversary of the film was called "The Rocky Horror Video Show". It was hosted by General Riff Raff (Richard, of course, hence it's inclusion on the site). Richard introduced the videos for the film- some were straight from the film, others were remixed clips and images to be in more of a "video" format. In xbetween the songs, Richard would supply a bit of dialogue about the song, make odd comments and so forth.

"Here's a beautiful song, by a beautiful boy. Beautifully sung . . . "

The most interesting thing about the special was the appearance of "General Riff-Raff". I'm curious, in Rocky legend, when Riff became a general. He's referred to as such in the ROTOQ script, as well as in the short essay he wrote as the character for the 15th anniversary box set.

Don't mind me- rambling again. :)

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