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Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb is a Disney Channel cartoon that features the title characters in various oddball situations. The boys are geniuses who do everything from making rollercoasters in their backyard to helping their grandfather relive his days as a daredevil.

Richard plays the part of "Dad"... you never really catch the names of the parents. Both

he and his wife never seem to be around when the craziness is happening, much to the chagrin of the pairs' older sister, Candace, who would like nothing more than the two to get into trouble. But every time she thinks she has them, their mischief magically disappears. Think Pinky and the Brain without the brainless one.

Oh, also there's a platypus who is a secret agent.

Some sound files (since his cartoon likeness is anything but) Right click to save.

Philips head screwdriver

Better put this on vibrate

I'm painting!

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