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Planet Hollywood

XThough this really shouldn't count under TV specials, this small segment is still very entertaining and worth the mention. Richard, Patricia Quinn, Sal Piro and Lou Adler went to Planet Hollywood to present them with Xmemorabilia from TRHPS, including the original Time Warp Chart. Unfortunately, when the chart was unrolled, it was upside-down. Richard quickly (and with a great deal of wit) countered this mistake by claiming that this was "how you do the Time Warp- If you live in Australia."

XThey also did the Time Warp itself, as led by Richard Pat, and Sal. Dig the pants!! X

The came the interviews, with the standard questions (and even more standard answers.But as they began to interview Sal Piro, Richard was suddenly transformed into a camera ham, making faces behind Sal's back and doing all but giving him the traditional "bunny ears"

Cute little segment. And love those pants.

An especially interesting note is about the time warp chart itself. One was on display in Las Vegas at the 25th Anniversary convention of Rocky Horror. Lou Adler claimed it to be the original, and the chart does indeed look like the one here.

It does not, however, look like the one that can be seen in the film. It's also been stated that at Planet Hollywood when this was done, there were Time Warp charts everywhere. Maybe in the massive bundle of charts somewhere lies the authentic one, but the one that you see in these pictures is most certainly NOT the same Time Warp chart that can be found in the film.


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