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The Ink Thief

In this mini-series for kids, Richard plays the title role of the Ink Thief- one of many "bumps"- creatures that go bump in the night.

Ink thieving done properly involves putting imagination into things to help the world be more inspired and imaginative. Unfortunately, the Ink Thief wants no prat of this idea and has been stealing the imagination from things in order to make himself become human.

Aiding him in his little scheme are a catman and a ratman who do his bidding and find things filled with imagination for the thief to suck dry.

Enter Samantha and Jim who move to the small island of Leaf in order for Jim's father to continue his research. The two go exploring and find an abandoned toy shop. Upon further inspection, they discover the Ink Thief's lair and Jim discovers the Thief's book... a tome that contains scientific data on how to change the world through imagination.

The Thief notes Jim's ability to understand the book and beckons him back to it, against the advice of the OOB (Official Order of Bumps) librarian.

Things naturally go awry and Samantha and the Librarian find themselves pitted against the Thief and his minions to save Jim from his clutches.

The series has some great music, including a wonderful song sung by Richard called "I'm Only Human"

It all ends up happily in the end, unless of course you're a Richard fan and watch him melting away.

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