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Sadly, if a musical has a short or unsuccesful run, it is highly difficult to find any solid information about it. An exception to this is The Stripper, while it did not have the most successful of runs, there was a cast album recorded. I lucked out in T-Zee, in that someone contacted me with more information about it (Highly appreciated as well.) but it's been pointed out to me that I have left out a great deal of Richard's repertoire by not including some of his other stage work. So that's the purpose of this page... to place the slight amount of information I do have out there. If and when I receive further materials to warrant a full page on the piece... I will remove it from this list.

And if you have any information/materials, please do send them along. I would appreciate anything- cast listing, song listing, program information, pictures. (In the case of cast or song listing, I would appreciate sources cited to verify the information. Any help is mucho appreciated.)

Disaster (1978)- This prophetically titled piece was again written by Richard, and is particularly notable in that it starred both Jonathan Adams (Original RHS narrator and the film's Dr. Scott) and Patricia Quinn (RH(P)S' Magenta). Richard also reportedly played a small role, as is natural for him it seems in post-RH stage endeavors. Pat played the part of Martha Fortune, which is a role that Richard remembers with great fondness. Scattered stills and programs do exist (and are mostly held in the firm hands of RH collectors).

Eastward Ho! (1981)- Listed as a Marston/Chapman production, this musical was put on at the Mermaid Theatre in London's West End from July 7th to August 15th. Richard mentions in an interview having done it because he hadn't "been on the boards" for some time.

Gulliver's Travels (1968)- This, like Eastward Ho!, ran at the Mermaid Theatre. What role Richard played is unknown, but it is reportedly where he met Lionel Bart (Oliver!), who was in the audience one night.

Hair (1968)- Richard was in the chorus. It was also where he met both Tim Curry and Kimi Wong.

Jesus Christ Superstar (1972)- Richard was a chorus member and understudy to Herod. And left the show after his interpretation of Herod was less than well received (as an Elvis impersonator) it opened August 9th, 1972 and ran for a total of 3358 performances. It's uncertain when exactly Richard left the company, though when he did The Unseen Hand he was no longer with the show.

Top People (1984)- Richard wrote and (I believe) starred in this 1984 musical which ran less than one week. The only other information to add here came from an interview I saw reprinted in Crazed Imaginations, where Richard was relating the difficulty he was having with the critics panning it relentlessly. He then saw Roy Kinnear (Willy Wonka and Help!, among others) on a television show saying he'd seen it the night before and thought it was one of the funniest shows he'd attended. Richard cried in happiness to hear it. :(

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