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Over at the Frankenstein Place (The Richard O'Brien Crusade)

Brothers and Sisters!
Do you ever get the feeling that you and life,
get on like an ant on fire?
Do you ever get the feeling that life is doing
you down, doing you in?
Do you feel that your back's against the wall
and that the system is crushing you?
Well, I have the answer,
Brothers and Sisters.
The answer lies deep within all of us,
the answer is right there, we
just have to reach out, remember-

(There's a light)
And where is that light?
(Over at the Frankenstein Place)
That's right!
(There's a Light)
Where's it burning?
(Burning in the fireplace)
(There's a Light, a Light, in
the darkness of everybody's life)

So remember the next time some great hulking,
all-American red-necked,red-blooded He-Man
white Anglo-Saxon, American boy comes
up to you and says "What are you- A boy
or a girl?" Look him right in the eye and say
"What the hell are you?
Are you the perfect example of manhood?
Are you the one man toward which all other
men should aspire???"
See how the creep gets out of that.

(There's a light)
(Over at the Frankenstein Place)
(There's a Light)
(Burning in the fireplace)
(There's a Light, a Light, in the
darkness of everybody's life)


This song appeared on the backside of a single recording of "Touch Me". Richard performs a redux of the classic song from Rocky Horror, in the guise of a near preacher like voice, rattling about the problems of living in today's society. ;-) A must-hear for Richard O'Brien fans, and also for RHPS fans, or anyone who has ever had their sexuality questioned, their mere SEX questioned, or if you're sick of all the dirty looks they give you when you go into your local department store to try on some lingerie. Screw em all and listen to the Reverand O'Brien. Give the good word, Brother! (Hallelujah, Amen)

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