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Pseud's Corner ++

I wear a matching tie
And a matching shirt
And I'm gonna make certain
The establishment gets hurt

I'm a BBC2 revolutionary
We'll have bakewell tart  for tea*
For I'm Anthony Haden's-Guest **
And we've a Rad-Lib policy

I'm not a Manson Hippie.
I'm not a tall psychotic.
There's a ten bob deal on the mantlepiece***
And we're macrobiotic

Ah Ah . . . (three times)


Don't ever do it, it'll bring you down (down, down)
Death and destruction (Laughter)
Oh, the madness of it all.
The darkness in your eyes, your smile.
I'd know that pseud anywhere*****
It's a beautiful pseud!
Show me magic!
(It's the only pseud you've got)
Take me . . . in the warmth of your embrace and tell me that you
Hate me.
Love me.
(I just love your pseud- when you try and stop-??- it's terrific)*****

Oh my God, I'm sweating ****

*- Bakewell Tart- Apparently, there was a lady newscaster with the last name Bakewell- and she was considered the intellectuals; "bit of fluff", or tart. (Thanks to Ruth FW)

**- Anthony Haden-Guest is an author in Britain, (and also related to our own Christopher Guest- This is Spinal Tap, Princess Bride here in the States.) "Rad-Lib" refers to a party Richard attended. Guest went around saying he was a "rad-lib" and it annoyed Richard- so it ended up in the song (thanks to Ruth for the scoop on this one)

***- "bob" is slang for shilling. The line itself is a drug reference.

****- Most people hear "psycho", but the more I listen, I swear it's "sweating"

*****- Tooth? I STILL think it's "Pseud" which would make more sense considering the title . . . and considering the meaning of the word "Pseud":

pseud (noun) [short for pseudo-intellectual]

First appeared 1964

British : a person who pretends to be an intellectual

++- The UK satirical magazine 'Private Eye' has a
regular column called 'Pseud's Corner' in which
pretentious writing and statements are held up
as examples of self-parody.

I do believe the lyrics here are now correct. Thanks to Ruth Fink-Winter, James Norman, Andy Leighton, and of course- Richard for working it all out.

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