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Running With The Noisy Boys

Each one treads their separate path
Some steep, some straight, some narrow
Some play a game of psychopath
And some play Five Card Tarot
Some flounce and pounce and then renounce
The World all its joys
They've had their fun and now they're done
Running with the noisy boys

Each one has their separate laugh
Some cheap, some late, some hollow
Some love to give their autograph
Some love the God Apollo
Some say that rules are just for fools
And using them destroys
The brother thing and the other thing
Running with the noisy boys

So if you're living for the minute
You should give all you can give
And then live it to the limit
And start doing it with - the noisy boys
Running with the noisy boys

Each one has their separate half
Some deep, some great, some shallow
Some reap the wheat, some reap the chaff
Some burn the midnight tallow
Some stay up late and master fate
With exec-high-tec toys
Some rue the day, some sue, some pay
Running with the noisy boys

The Richard O'Brien Crusade est. 1996