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Must Be Mephistopheles Smith

Who's that angel born in hell
That everybody knows so well
Who makes you stammer with their infernal glamour
Who's got a name that's hard to spell
Who affects the way you feel
The patron saint of sex appeal
Who makes you clamor for the eternal slammer
Who has the legs to make you squeal
Who owns the soul of a Rock 'n' Roll riff?
Why it's very very possibly Mephistopheles Smith


Who comes in the night and gets you dreaming steaming screaming
Who loves to scare you stiff
Demon of the night
Demon of delight
Must be Mephistopheles Smith

Who's everybody's fantasy
Who's everybody's man to see
Who's that slick looker the philosophic hooker
Who always gives a damn for free
Who taught them sport in paradise
Who was the author of our vice
Who stopped us slinking and went and got us thinking
Who's sort of naughty sort of nice
Who is the fact of an actual myth
Why it's very very possibly Mephistopheles Smith

repeat chorus

The Richard O'Brien Crusade est. 1996