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Men Like That

Sarah Arkwright, Sherry Mendez

I've met his type before; there were nights before the war
When a boy with broad shoulders
; and muscles like boulders
We needed no excuse; as we ran fast and loose
And because I was older
; I was much bolder than him

The young soldier
We were lovers
Yes, lovers
At our last dance

You see, the next day, he shipped out for France
And men like that, never come back

Then there were lonely, lonely nights
A broken heart in Brooklyn Heights
But I made a decision
I would live my life with vision
Then came the empty days
Spent in so many ways
Then I heard from his division
He'd gone missing on a mission
Devoid of suspicion
I just waited, yes, waited, while my world turned to black
You see, men like that never come back

And so...I turned to silent prayer
And moved to Delaware
Then on a rain-swept evening
I met someone to believe in
And through the autumn years
Those most important years
He gave me back my reason
And slowly eased my grieving
Giving better than receiving
It was over, yes over
I'd faced up to the fact
That men like that, never come back

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