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Man of the People


I'm a man of the people
I comply with their wishes
And when my wife washes up, I still dry the dishes

I'm not saying that I never,
Ever harbor dirty thoughts
I'm a red-blooded male, and I still look good in shorts

Well, I'm just a member of the team
That implements the law
Not a solo operator I got "esprit de corps"

But I've never had fun
like Peter Gunn
I've never, ever been a scene-stealer

I've never seen glamour
like that guy Mike Hammer
And I'm stuck with Lieutenant Al Wheeler

I can separate the good guys
From all those other bums
It's the right of every citizen
To marry chicks and carry guns

I shoot straight from the shoulder
I won't be diverted
And let those stinkin' pinko commies
Preach to the perverted

We got a beach
And freedom of speech
So what's Moscow's big attraction?

There's only one red
I want under my bed
And that's a red-head
Under the bed
Head hot for action

The Richard O'Brien Crusade est. 1996