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Hearts and Flowers

Harvey Stern

You've heard of immaculate hearts and sacred hearts
And hearts of oak and hearts of gold
Hearts in the right place and hearts in the mouth
And hearts that break and hearts so bold
But the heart I could talk about for hours
Is the heart at the start of "hearts and flowers"

Oh, hearts and flowers are tokens of precious love
Take my heart and red roses in regular daily doses
Take my heart and an orchid
You know who the two are for, kid

Hearts and flowers are symbols of sweetest faith
Take my heart and some sweet pea
And tell me you're mine completely
Take my heart and a fuschia
And tell me that we've got a future

Hearts and flowers are sweeter than anything
So look me in the i-ris and tell me no lies
Cling to me like ivy 'til the snow drops dry
If daisies drive you crazy then you know why

I love those
; Hearts
And flowers

Get'cha right there, don't it?

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