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The Best Has Yet To Come For Me

I always get a frission of excitement
A shiver of sheer ecstasy
When my eyes fall on a thing of enticement
I guess I'm blessed and yes it's destiny


Like the rivers run, restless to the sea
Each and every one, has their destiny
Until kingdom come, I'll travel endlessly
For the best has yet to come for me.
Oh, the best has yet to come for me.

So I get up every morning with great pleasure
And say I'm going to make a happy day
Every moment golden and a treasure
Yes everything'll be okay



We love each secret moment of obsession
When compulsion is a certainty
We feel its pull. We give it full possession
We're fervent servants of diversity.


I keep searching for that paragon
(The cat's meow - the nuts - that plum,
That peach)
With hopeful heart I travel on
Then maybe one Avalon
Will be within my reach

Oh the best (the best) has yet to come for me

So distant shores and humble doors I darken
And wait for love to capture me
But I'm not in the market for a bargain
Just wrap me in a Rhapsody


The Richard O'Brien Crusade est. 1996