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Ain't That To Die For

Why should I even try
To leave the light and die?
It's so warm in your embrace
I like it when I'm in your face
Ain't that to cry for
Ain't that to- die for.

When someone hits the spot
Then they are not forgot
Especially when someone
Shines brighter than the morning sun
Ain't that to cry for
Ain't that to die for.

Some people they say
They don't wanna come out
Some people say
That's what they're all about
But the quick of us
Pick Icarus to be a stinker of a pilot
But anyone that near the sun
Ain't no shrinking violet
Ain't that to die for.

Sing the song, children-

(ain't that to die for)

Ain't that to die for

So let that lovelight blaze
Engage the gaze of praise
Girl, if you don't have no voice,
Then baby, you don't have no choice
Ain't that to cry for
Ain't that to die for.

The Richard O'Brien Crusade est. 1996