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Rocky Horror Picture Show


  • RHPS was written by Richard O'Brien.
  • RHPS starred Richard O'Brien in the role of Riff-Raff
  • RHPS featured music written by Richard O'Brien.

That's about all I have to say, really.

Technically speaking, there should be a section on this site because of Richard's involvement with it.

But for crying out loud... the reason I made this site in the first place was that the only information about Richard you could find on the web involved him in Rocky Horror. The web is absolutely crawling (forgive the pun) with info about this movie, and frankly (wow, another pun!) I have nothing to add to the already way-too-many pages about it.

But by all means, go take a look at some of them.

In fact, the only thing I can think of to add to this page that other people may not have on THEIR Rocky Horror websites is this incredibly goofy picture of Tim Curry I grabbed off the DVD:


And speaking of scary screen grabs...


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