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Night Train

Mrs. Froy and "Poochie"This movie is a very strange one indeed. Three members of a night train discover a dead man and a box that (to them) holds a great treasure. Initially the conductor (Danny Glover) wants nothing to do with the box, or getting rid of the body it once belonged to. However, greed naturally gets the upper hand and they begin to try to open the box while dumping the body.

The train is also host to a number of other characters, including Mrs. Froy (Richard) and her dog "Poochie". As the film progresses there are twists and turns galore over the box and its would-be owners.

Mrs. Froy turns out not to be a "Mrs." after all. This was what I was waiting to see, as I could easily see Richard playing a woman in a movie without any deceipt, but Mrs. Froy does do a sexual 180 as he threatens Danny Glover with a gun over the box that he now has.

Richard's character comes to a grisly end, I'm afraid... and the box, well, that answer is not as easy. After slipping through many hands it finds its way to a child... and then, end of movie.

Although I've managed to spoil a good deal of it, I would definitely check it out. Some fun Richard bits and a decent movie to boot.

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