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Flash Gordon

1The 1980 version of Flash Gordon (with music by Queen) has to be one of the cheesiest things out there. As such, it's 1also one of the most FUN things to watch... with a number of known faces chewing up the rather gaudy scenery.

Ming the Merciless, ruler of the universe is out to destroy Earth. And by mere coincidence, Professor Zarkov is on his way to stop him when Flash and his female companion Dale Arden stumble upon him. Good thing too, as it ends up being Flash and not Zarkov who saves the day. :)

Richard plays a treeman by the name of Fico. Clad in skin-tight tights (heh) he advises Barin (Timothy Dalton), leader of the tree people on his affairs. Particularly when Flash is brought to them by Ming's Daughter, Aura. Barin wants to find a way to kill Flash and conspires to do so. However, Flash in all his goodness, eventually makes an ally out of Barin and manages to convince him to join up with the Hawkmen (whose King is Brian Blessed- who also stars with Richard in The Mumbo Jumbo as well as the stage play Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) and defeat Ming forever.

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