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Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams is the self-made 3biography of Bill Wyman, bassist of the Rolling Stones. It's very Wall-like, and based on his own computerized private diaries. The story tends to flip from place to place, and is more, as Richard himself utters "an art film".

Richard plays the butler, funnily enough. He has a rather large part in the whole piece, constantly popping up to bang a gong to announce dinner (beans . . . again) or to fetch a cup of tea or wine,  conduct an orchestra that appears out of nowhere . . . (and no offense to Ritz, but I hope he doesn't plan 4on taking up conducting!) or even to break into an impromptu Elvis impersonation.

(a very cool one, may I add.)

He also does several voice-overs for the film, invariably in the form of writing home to 'mummy'.

"Dear Mummy,
Life at Gedding nearly borders on the5 idyllic. I say nearly because of the Lord's obsession of filming every single thing, no matter how inconsequential, in search of what he calls- "the perfect shot"."

Apart from the Elvis impersonation, however, I would have to say that the most entertaining portions of Richard's appearances were made at the end of the film, when he appears in the "cowboy" scene, watching Bill Wyman from the TV, in full western twang.

Richard-"What's that?"

Cowboy-"Looks like a City-Slicker in a tub"

1James Coburn- "No sir. That there is reality."

Richard- "Reality is a City-Slicker in a bathtub?"


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