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Contraption, The

"Out of all the men in the world, I ended up marrying a bloody mouse."

So ends this film.


Though this film is extremely short, I would have to say that not a single frame of celluloid was put to waste during its creation. While only scant minutes have passed, we witness some strikingly strong visual imagery that is joined with superior use of audio to drive the point of the film home.

Moreso than the actors and even the screenwriter for this piece, I think great credit should be given to the editor. He managed what so many utterly fail at- keeping things simple and uncluttered while at the same time keeping us interested and on the edge of our seats until its snappy conclusion.

Richard plays a man (named aptly in the credits as "The Man") who it seems is not as up in the luck department as he would like to be. So he decides to do what many in his situation do, only in a way that is not instantly recognizable.

However after you have seen the film you will find yourself smacking yourself in the head for not noticing it.

I know I seem determined to not spoil it even with a quote like the one that starts this page... but it was just such a good quote.

Apropos of nothing but very amusing, apparently this little gem is known in Germany as "Das Dingsbums"


The Richard O'Brien Crusade est. 1996