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Teddy Award for Lifetime Achievement

In 1998, Richard was awarded a Teddy Award for Lifetime Achievement. The award is part of thexBerlin Film Festival, and honors achievement in the area of gay and lesbian film.

In his appearance he sang a very cool and groovy version of Incubus of Love. This version is musically similar to those featured in the Mephistopheles shows, minus the obvious component of the sax. Richard's voice was very soft, for the most part, breaking out into his characteristic tremolo during xthe bridge. Very good stuff. After the song finished, he commented that they would have liked to have had a saxophone player, but apparently there were none in Berlin.

Another highlight of the song is during the solo (where the sax would have played) Richard performed an impromptu "interpretive ballet", proving he has more grace than any of his characters at dancing (Riff in the cooler and Cosmo during "Me, Me, Me" come to mind)

He then accepted the award, they played a VERY quick clip of Rocky Horror, and he gave a little speech, xtossing in a few of Mephistopheles' lines for good measure "any recreational sex is deviant sex, isn't it, as it denies the pro-creational imperative"

To top the night off, all the winners and everyone who appeared on the show rejoined Richard on the stage to perform a rousing rendition of "There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)".

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