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The Loch Ness Monster

This would have to go on file as one of the stranger things I have encountered concerning Richard.

And that's saying something.

A while back, while doing one of my incessant web searches, I kept bringing up the Alex Harvey Band. Didn't find anything at the time, but they were all for this spoken word album about the Loch Ness Monster. Apparently, Richard had been incorporated into the META tags for the pages, but I couldn't figure out why.

Finally, I found a site that had something about the album in more detail than "it exists". It stated that he had done the intro for the record. So I started a sort of half-hearted search (there's a lot of folks called Richard O'Brien.)

The Album

Calling it an album is a bit odd, according to my own personal definition of the word, but it is a recorded work so . . . It's a spoken word piece, done in Scotland of interviews of various townfolk and people who have claimed to either have seen the Loch Ness Monster or had involvement with those who have.

It came with a booklet, which was in the form of a diary. By all accounts it's a rare record . . . not surprisingly, as I find it doubtful that any spoken word album about the Loch Ness Monster would hit the Billboard Top 100 list. Further, the accents of those that speak on the record would likely try the patience of most American listeners. (If you thought Trainspotting was hard to understand, give this baby a whirl)

As luck would have it, I was eventually able to uncover a copy- elctronically, from some guy who'd encoded it from a cassette tape he found hanging out in the attic somewhere. Anyway- when they say Richard did the intro, they mean it. That's ALL he did. It's a cute intro, mind you, but when you search for something like that, I guess you expect more of an earth shattering sort of experience. Ah well.

I used to have an image of the cover which has somehow gone missing. If anyone could find one for me, that would be fab.

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