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Please remember to write Richard through the fan clubs. That is the only mail he will accept.



Hopefully this red text has gotten your attention. I have recently gone through another large and rather trying spate of people who don
't bother to read what is below this text. So I have made a decision. Starting from now, July 20, 2012, I will be posting any and all letters I receive for Richard that do not meet the guidelines outlined clearly below.

I have no interest in making a mockery of you. But I also have no interest in being henpecked about how to get an autograph or rights for songs or sponsorship for xyz.

So please. Read the rules and go by them.

As always, I must point out that I am not Richard O'Brien, nor do I have any professional or personal dealings with the man. I am merely a fan of his who a long long time ago put up a few pages about some of the things he's done that has morphed into this larger, more streamlined- less updated- beast.

So please, do *NOT* write me for any of the following:

  • endorsements
  • autographs
  • appearances
  • birthday cards
  • interviews
  • his address
  • his contact information
  • auditions
  • his agent's information
  • his opinion on (x) subject
  • questions about his personal life or preferences

Naturally, there are SOME things that I would be very happy to hear about/receive from fans such as yourself. These would include but are not limited to:

  • News about Richard. Articles may be transcribed, scanned in or, rarely, sent via snail mail. Please include the publication, date, and author so I may give proper credit where it is due. If you wish to be mentioned as contributing the item, let me know how you wish to be mentioned.
  • Multimedia. Sound bytes, interviews in audio format, etc. MP3 is prefferred.
  • Pictures. If you have any photos you'd like to see up, please send them along. If you are the photographer, say so... otherwise try to obtain the photographer's information so they receive the proper credit. A further note about photographs: I do not wish to receive, nor will I display any photograph that I perceive to be an intrusion upon Mr. O'Brien's privacy. This means if you've got a snapshot of him doing his grocery shopping... keep it to yourself.
  • If you are an author or photographer and wish to either receive credit for your work, or wish to have it removed from the site I will be happy to accomodate either request. Please be aware that I do not receive any compensation for this site's creation or maintenance and therefore am not profiting in any way from your work, and it is presented here only as a reference and archival type of way. No offense is intended if I am unable to credit the proper sources.
  • Basically anything you think should be up here that isn't. I'll give anybody a fair shake, and the site belongs to everyone who visits it.

If you've made it through that gauntlet and you would still like to e-mail me about the site or Richard in general, you can do so here

The Richard O'Brien Crusade est. 1996