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Dark City Interview

This interview appeared in the February issue of Bikini (?? Never heard of it) I happened on it by accident- a coworker brought it to me, knowing I would appreciate it.

And Here it is:

It's been over twenty years since Riff Raff first jumped to the left (and took a step to the ri-i-i-i-i-ght), but Richard O'Brien- who not only played the bald butler in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but also wrote that cult classic- hasn't just been standing around waiting for people to throw rice at him.

Bikini: It's been a while since Rocky Horror came out. What have you been up to since then?

Richard O'Brien: Writing, performing, being a game show host on British Television (the Crystal Maze) Yes, really.

Bikini: When was the last time you saw Rocky Horror?

RO'B: In Milan about a year ago. It was more exotic than erotic . . .

Bikini: Do you still sing? Write songs?

RO'B: Yes, indeed. I'm just about to finish an album of new songs-Chet Baker meets Willie Nelson in flavor. I've no idea who might enjoy it enough to buy it.

Bikini: Have you thought about writing another musical?

RO'B: Yes. I have another musical fairy tale in the pipeline entitled Alive on Arrival. Richard Hartley would be providing the music. It's for film, not stage.

Bikini: Do people ever come up to you at the Supermarket and throw rice at you?

RO'B: No, but I throw frozen legs of lamb at complete strangers.

Bikini: Tell me about your new movie, Dark Empire. What about it caught your attention?

RO'B: I was asked, flattered, and finally delighted. To play a role where you get to reveal intellectual change is wonderful.

Bikini: Your Character in the movie gets injected with another man's memories. Are there memories that you'd like to inject into someone?

RO'B: Yes, I'd like to inject my childhood memories into my mother. That might learn her.

Bikini: Your character also dresses like a Cenobite from Hellraiser. Do you believe in Hell?

RO'B: Hell is no longer polarized. Heaven is no longer the afterlife facility it once was. Everything has moved towards the center.

Bikini: Okay. And finally, of all the big movie roles of the last 20 years, is there one you would have loved to have played?

RO'B: I would have loved to have been in The Stand. I would also loved to have been in The Mask. Ipkiss, no. The Mask, yes.

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