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Rocky Horror Auteur returnes kind of Blue

Richard O'Brien, composer of the book and score to the cult classic Rocky Horror Show and Rocky Horror Picture Show (in which he portrayed the hunchback infidel Riff Raff) will release his first album as a solo recording artist next month.

Absolute O'Brien, out September 7 on indie Oglio Records, is already a critical hit in O'Brien's native UK. Fans of "The Time Warp," however, may be in for a surprise. Post-glam O'Brien leans towards cool blues and smoky jazz on tracks like "Disgracefully Yours," which bring to mind Willie Nelson and the late Chet Baker.

O'Brien describes his new direction this way: "It's a very sexy album. I like to describe it as so cool you'll want to take a warm bath with a friend." ..And then zap them with a three pronged ray gun and send them back to Transexual, Transylvania? Perhaps.

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