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Please remember to write Richard through the fan clubs. That is the only mail he will accept.



MODIFIED 1/12/01

Who is Richard O'Brien?

Richard O'Brien is a playwright, musician, actor, and singer. He wrote and starred in the Rocky Horror Show and The Rocky Horror Picture Show and is the focus of this website.

When was he born?

Richard was born on March 25, 1942.

Is Richard gay?

Richard despises labels in any shape or form, refusing to give himself one. He simply refers to his sexuality as being "confined to a no man's land". Interpret as you wish.

Is Richard married?

Richard has been married twice. His first wife, Kimi Wong, played the long-haired Transylvanian in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The state of his current relationship is unknown (and really not any of our business either...)

Does he have any children?

Richard has three children: Linus, Joshua and Amelia.

Where did the nickname "Ritz" come from?

Richard remembers being called "Ritz" as early as the late sixties, but he cannot remember who it was that first called him that, or what the reasoning behind it was.

Does he have any other nicknames, aliases?

While I'm not sure about personal nicknames he might carry from those he knows, he was known to audiences of the Crystal Maze as "Ricky" and "Reckless Rick". And he and some friends carried the collective alias of Andrew O'Bonzo, which they used to produce such things as the Richard O'Brien Crusade single.

Did he go bald naturally?

He is naturally bald, though not totally. He began to shave what remained of his hair off in 1976 and has done so since.

Does Richard have an e-mail address?

A self-described Luddite, he shies from many forms of technology, not the least of which being the computer. He has no e-mail.

He doesn't use computers at all?

As far as he is concerned, if they continue to "spit out airline tickets" and so forth, he's content to let others deal with them. But he chooses not to. He doesn't even own a word processor- everything he writes is done with pen and paper.

Can I write him?

Certainly, what's stopping you? You can contact Richard through any of the official TRHPS fan clubs.

Will he write back?

Most people that I have known that have written him have been written back. It may take some time, but he does do his best to return any mail he receives.

Is Richard left or right-handed?

He writes with his left hand, but plays guitar as a right-handed person would.


What movies has Richard been in?

Richard has appeared in (in no particular order): The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment, Flash Gordon, Digital Dreams, Ever After: A Cinderella Story, Dark City, Spice World, Dungeons and Dragons, The Odd Job, The Four Dimensions of Greta, Jubilee, and Revolution. He also rode horses in such films as Carry On Cowboy, and Casino Royale

I found a book on collecting. It says it's by Richard O'Brien

Wrong Richard, I'm afraid. There is another Richard O'Brien who has written a good number of books on collecting ephemera.

Is that Richard in Men in Black?

No. The joke was certainly meant to be the character of Riff as an expert on aliens, but the actor is most certainly NOT O'Brien.

I saw Richard's name in the credits for Andromeda Strain, but I couldn't find him.

With good reason. It's another Richard O'Brien. The IMDB lists him as "Richard O'Brien (II)", and Heaven Can Wait is among his many film credits, but he is NOT the same person by any means.

I found a CD by a jazz artist named Richard O'Brien. Is it the same one?

Again, wrong end of the stick. There actually seems to be an incredible amount of Richard O'Briens out there in the world, and none of them are particularly well-known, so when people see something with the same name as our Richard, they tend to assume. But it is not the same person.

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