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Welcome to the site

Welcome to the newest version of the website. Who knows how long it will take to complete, but I hope you like it.

09/29/11 How the time does fly. Another year has gone by and here I am again trying to do some updating. We'll see how it goes.

Wow. I screwed something up. May get a lot of 404s til I manage to go through every bloody page is fixed.

09/30/11 Well, it seems I've managed to fix my little faux pas of the linking variety. Right now I'm working on putting up the rest of the lyrics to songs, and maybe putting a little more info on those pages.

06/28/10 Finished the Articles section, believe it or not. Also, check out this link for an interview with Richard (Thanks to Mark Servian) Also, if you're not already aware and active, please check out the Facebook group "Let Richard O'Brien be a New Zealand Citizen"

06/25/10 Added a few more things. Many thanks to the members of the Richard O'Brien Facebook group who pointed out Pig in Boots, a pantomime by Richard and also An Evening with Richard O'Brien.

06/23/10 Added some more placeholders, will be fleshing out the info as I get time. For right now it's more about getting the site back up to speed.

6/21/10 Added some more things and put the site up. Improvements and additions will be coming shortly... first I have to basically restore what was there in the first place. Added Night Train and The Racing Game- Horsenap

06/19/10 Added some more pages. Most of it is placeholders for improved info, so if it seems short and sweet...

06/18/10- Began work on the newest version of the website. Basic structure is up and running... just need to copy the pages to the new format.

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